Pro-Rata Membership Subscriptions

Jan-May Jun-Sep Oct-Dec
Ordinary (1 vote) $35 $25 $35
Family (1 vote) $40 $25 $40
Concession/Junior (1 vote - 15+) $20 $10 $20
Auction-only (non-voting) $25 (valid for one auction)

(* Anyone joining from October on, or opts for full membership at the Oct/Nov Auction, is signed up for the following year.)

On completion of the online application,
please forward the appropriate amount, listed in the table above, to:

Bendigo Bank: BSB 633000
Account No: 193466349
Name: Victorian Cichlid Society Inc

Send a cheque payable to:
Victorian Cichlid Society Inc
13 Montanus Court,
Ringwood, Vic 3134

The payment will be matched with your application and processed.

Alternatively, you can CLICK HERE to download a printer-friendly Application Form and join ye olde-fashioned way.

Last Updated on Monday, December 12, 2022 14:09

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