Download Form

The Auction Form can be filled-in and printed complete with Box #, Name, Address, Description and Reserve Price fields.

This can be done in the browser or you can save a copy on your computer and do the same thing in Adobe Reader.

PLEASE NOTE: neither method transmits information of any kind to anyone ... the printed form still needs to accompany the goods.


Interactive Auction Form

You can type into the fields marked here in blue ... Box No, Name, Address, Postcode, Description and Reserve Price.

These fields are multi-line and self-adjusting, so they are capable of holding sufficient information to describe virtually anything.

Just fill-in the form, print, change the Box Number, then clear the Description and Reserve fields and re-use the form.

To keep an electronic record, simply print the form/s to pdf with an appropriate filename/s (it cannot be saved with data in the fields).

Acrobat Reader (a free program from Adobe) or similar pdf software is required to display this form.



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